Adventure sports

Don’t expect to come to Tonga and take it easy, all day, every day. The Kingdom’s True South Pacific vibe and languid tropical climate certainly promotes an unhurried approach to life, but more adventurous holiday activities are also on offer, especially in the emerging adventure travel hub of the Vava’u group. Explore Vava’u’s sheltered waters and scattered, untouched islands on a self-drive jet kayak, skimming across cobalt waters and coral reefs at an invigorating 30 km per hour. Harness the Kingdom’s dependable trade winds to kite-board amid Vava’u’s sheltered and uncrowded lagoons and atolls, getting a unique perspective on Tonga’s pristine landscapes. Professional operators offer full training and equipment sales, and can advise experienced kite-boarders on the best locations. Take to four wheels on a self-drive kart safari, enjoying a rollicking jungle adventure on remote, backroad trails, deserted beaches and oceanside cliff tops. Look forward to an entertaining infusion of hearty Tongan humour from the local guides. After all this activity, most visitors to Tonga usually need some well-earned downtime in a well-shaded hammock. Don’t worry, that’s something the Pacific’s most authentic destination also does remarkably well.

Jet Kayaking

A recent new activity introduced in Vava’u is one man Jet Kayaks.  Fitted with a compact but powerful jet unit,  these craft carry you through the azure blue waters and coral reefs at an exhilarating 30 kms per hour.  

Safe and easy to drive these jet powered kayaks are a unique fun way to experience Vava’u’s amazing islands and coral reefs.

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Shallow, warm, uncrowded lagoons coupled with steady, dependable trade winds make Tonga a paradise for the exhilarating sport of kiteboarding.

Most kiteboarding activities are based in the northern group of Vava’u where professional operators offer kite holidays, lessons, equipment sales and everything a novice or pro kiter needs.

Kart safaris

In Vava’u thrill seekers can experience their own ‘rumble in the jungle’ on a fun filled kart Safari.  Enjoy a rollicking back road adventure along jungle trails, spectacular cliff tops and deserted beaches.

Ride safely in your own kart or a double quad Kart with an experienced guide showing you the way.  Enjoyed by people of all ages, karting is an experience like no other.

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The west-northwest facing coastline of the main island of Tongatapu is the home of some of Tonga’s best surfing.  This coastline is perfectly situated to take advantage of the huge groundswells from winter storm activities in the southern Pacific.  The steady east-southeast offshore trade winds create surf conditions that are perfect.  The months from April to October are the most dependable.

Like many activities in Tonga, surfing is not allowed on Sundays, but after a hard week of surfing everyone needs to enjoy a break of a different kind.

The other two main island groups of Ha’apai and Vava’u also boast great surfing.  However much of this is only accessible by boat.  There are specialist charter vessels available.