Discover Tonga

Discover the
true South Pacific

Journey back in time to experience the Kingdom of Tonga’s authentic and compelling mix of centuries-old culture, history and traditions. Understand why Tonga’s relaxing combination of uncrowded, unhurried and undiscovered is the “True South Pacific”. Experience a monarchy unique in the South Pacific, and a generous and genuine welcome from the people of the nation dubbed the ‘Friendly Isles.’

10 Reasons to Discover the True South Pacific

Three Millennia of History

The Kingdom of Tonga Today


If you’re looking for a pacific playground, you’ll find it among the stunning islands of Tonga, with plenty of activities to help the kids blow off steam while still keeping parents engaged in some serious fun.
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There’s no better way to immerse yourself in Tonga’s compelling mix of spectacular landscapes, pristine rainforests and azure waters than by taking full advantage of it’s energetic activities.
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The unhurried and un-spoilt islands of Tonga give you the perfect setting to unwind. Amongst the deserted beaches and stunning sunsets, you’ll also find the perfect backdrop to rekindle your romance.
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Welcome to life in the slow lane. Here, time dances to the rhythms of the oceans and the sound of church bells on Sunday. In fact, on a trip to Tonga you’d be forgiven for thinking time has stood still.
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With over 170 islands, only 40 inhabited, Tonga is untouched and largely undiscovered. That means it’s a holiday destination where you can still encounter the world just as nature intended.
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