Brian Heagney of Fins n Flukes won second prize in the "Big Stuff" category of the annual Underwater Festival Australasia Shootout competition 2012.  His winning picture of three humpback whales titled Gridlock, featured a mother Humpback, her baby calf and their escorting whale all only inches from the lens.

In 2010 Brian won overall prize in the Dive New Zealand magazine Shades of Colour competition with his photo "Magic Number" and in 2011 his image "Teardrop" made it into the top 100 of the Underwater Festival Australasia Shootout. In 2012 his Green Turtle portrait shot secured first prize in the advanced category of the Dive NZ magazine Shades of Colour monthly contest and this year he finally secured a winning place in the Underwater Festival shoot out. The underwater festival is a major competition and featured a shootout that happened simultaneously all over Australasia - in 25 countries spanning both hemispheres so the standard of winning images is very high. Once again, "Gridlock" shows that Tonga can stand out with the best.

Brian's photos from Ha'apai are helping to increase the international exposure of Ha'apai as a global travel destination for diving and swimming with Humpback Whales. The winning and featured photos emphasize the fragile beauty of the marine ecosystem and natural resources of Tonga and the importance of increasing the current low level of protection for these marine resources through conservation and legislative initiatives. 

Brians' winning picture, Gridlock