Start your True South Pacific holiday with easygoing and friendly flights to Nuku’alofa on Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia and Fiji Airways, before exploring Tonga’s other island groups with Real Tonga. Rental cars and motorcycles, buses and ferries then make it easy to discover the hidden corners of Tonga’s pristine island groups at your own pace. Just remember to slow right down and allow yourself to escape into relaxed and unhurried rhythms of ‘Tonga Time’.


getting to tonga

Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia and Air Pacific all provide international services to Tonga’s international airport in Nuku’alofa.

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getting around tonga

How to get out to and around the beautiful islands of Tonga.

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Tongatapu Island

Tongatapu island map

Tongatapu – ‘Sacred South’ – is the sleepy southern starting point for visitors exploring the authentic Polynesian vibe of…

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Ha’apai Island

Haapai island map

Uncrowded, unhurried and undiscovered. Well off the beaten path for visitors, the 62 scattered islands, atolls…

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Vava’u Island Group

Vavau island group

Welcome to the adventure hub of the Kingdom of Tonga. An azure tropical labyrinth of 61 different islands dotted with…

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’Eua Island

Eua island map

Hilly and covered in lush rainforest, ‘Eua’s combination of breathtaking beauty and rugged, idiosyncratic…

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