The 2012 fishing season got off to a good start with the Hakula team on Monday 23.  Skipper Jeff Le'Strange went out on a half day fishing trip with his grand-daughter where she caught a 48kg yellow fin.

According to Jeff, 'this is a good start for the year and everyone is looking forward to a good fishing season'.

The Hakula team are preparing for the IGFA World Championship Marlin Tournament to be held in Cabo, San Lukas in May.

The winning team aboard Hakula during the 2011 TIBFT (Bruce Pain, Paul Wilson and Rob Wall plus their spouses) as well as Jeff and Janine Le'Strange will be representing Tonga during the fishing tournament.

Says Jeff, 'everyone is looking forward to participating and representing Tonga in this tournament'.

The Hakula team with Lauren and her catch

Lauren with her grandfather, Jeff Le'Strange

Lauren Le'Strange weighing her catch