Hilltop Hotel

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Location: Tongatapu Island / Vava’u / Ha’apai / ‘Eua / Niua’s
Categories: Hotel / Apartment / Resort / Guest House

Hilltop Hotel

Best view in Vava’u. Very clean as recommended by every guest that stay here with us. Friendly staffs. Good homemade and breakfast.

Travel time to airport
15 minutes
Room rates
Standard room – high season: TOP$184 – $230
Standard room – low season: TOP$184 – $230
Check in
Check-in time: 11:00 am
Check-out time: 12:00 pm
Payment options
  • Credit Card (Mastercard/Visa)
  • Cash
Contact details
Kalauta Road
Phone: (676) 70209
Fax: (676) 70209
Email: sunset@kalianetvav.to
Languages spoken
  • English
  • Tongan
Children welcome
Price from: TOP$184 – $230
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