'Air transportaion is an essential component of Tourism not only in the Kingdom of Tonga but around the world'. This was conveyed by Dr. Semisi Taumoepeau when donating to the Ministry of Tourism the book entitled, ' Aviation and Tourism – Implications for Leisure Travel'.

The book talks about how air transportaion helps in the development of tourism within the Pacific as well as around the world. The relationship between the aviation and people travelling is descriped in the book as an important intergral of the tourism industry as visitors rely heavily on safe transportaion and cheap airfares.

Tonga is connected to the world by Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia and Air Pacific. It is anticipated that understanding of the importance of air transportation to the tourism industry will help policy makers and practitioners in further understanding this important sector of the tourism industry there will be an increase in the air services to Tonga.

Semisi says that people promoting tourism should be aware of the importance of air transportaion as this is the means of connceting the visitors market with their destination.

As one of the co-authors of the book he hopes that the Ministry will put this book into good use and will help with their marketing strategy.

This book is also used by students studying Aviation and Tourism not only in New Zealand but also in the Pacific and Europe.

Dr. Semisi Taumoepeau, head of Tourism Management AIS St. Helen is currently in Tonga as part of a NZAid Tourism Project team reviewing the organisational structure of the Ministry of Tourism.

Aviation  Tourism book.jpg
Director of Tourism, Sakopo Lolohea (left) receiving the new book on Aviation and Tourism from Dr. Semisi
Taumoepeau (right), one of the co-authors of the book.