Scattered across seven far-flung latitudes of the world’s largest ocean, the islands, atolls and reefs of the Kingdom of Tonga are well-positioned for great surf. The winter swell season runs from April to October, with reliant waves rolling in generated by storm activity south around Australia and New Zealand. From November to March, prevailing summer swells originate in the north Pacific around Hawaii, and surf conditions are also influenced by the southern Pacific’s cyclone season. Tonga is definitely a destination for intermediate to advanced surfers. Look forward to regular swells in the two- to three-metre range. Tonga has no beach breaks, and all opportunities for surfing are above the shallow reefs fringing islands and atolls. On the main island of Tongatapu, the northwest coastlines showcases surf spots like Kamikaze’s and Fishtraps around Ha’atafu Beach, and the Ha’atafu Beach Resort provides surfer-friendly accommodation just metres from the ocean. Access in winter to the Ha’atafu breaks involves a short 100-metre paddle, and in summer the emphasis moves to off-shore breaks reached by boat. Surfing spots also dot the island groups of Vava’u and Ha’apai, with off-shore reef breaks accessible by boat.