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Award-Winning New Zealand chef Robert Oliver films TV series featuring Tongan food

New Zealand based chef Robert Oliver is in Tonga this week filming a programme on Tongan food and cooking, as part of TV series promoting food from the Pasifik food, airing in New Zealand later this year. Robert Oliver’s visit is sponsored by the Mi…

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July 3, 2013  |   Share:

Domestic Flights in the Kingdom of Tonga Continues

Domestic flights to the tourism destinations in the outer islands of the Kingdom especially Vava’u and Ha’apai continue after the departure of Chathams Pacific Airline earlier this month.  The Minister for Commerce, Tourism and Lab…

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March 19, 2013  |   Share:

Real Time for Tonga Flights

The Kingdom of Tonga looks set to have its new domestic airline flying by March 4.  A Tongan delegation, including Minister of Commerce, Tourism and Labour, Hon. Viliami Uasike Latu has been in New Zealand reassuring travel wholesalers that Re…

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March 4, 2013  |   Share:

Domestic Air Services: Real Tonga To Start Flying

The Kingdom of Tonga’s new domestic airline ‘Real Tonga’ will start operating on March 4, 2013. It is a Tongan owned and operated airline, established with the purpose of serving the people of Tonga as well as visitors to the is…

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January 30, 2013  |   Share:

17 Cruise ships confirmed to visit the Kingdom for 2013

Exciting times lie ahead for Tonga as the Kingdom is expected to see more Cruise ships visit this year following the opening of the new Vuna Wharf which opened in December of last year. We are expecting 17 Cruise ships in total with 13 ships calling…

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