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Domestic Air Services: Real Tonga To Start Flying

The Kingdom of Tonga’s new domestic airline ‘Real Tonga’ will start operating on March 4, 2013. It is a Tongan owned and operated airline, established with the purpose of serving the people of Tonga as well as visitors to the is…

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January 30, 2013  |   Share:

New Television Commercials to Step-Up Promoting Tonga’s Tourism

A New Zealand-based film crew was in Tonga for a nine-day film shoot, to create new tourism television commercials promoting holidays in Tonga for New Zealanders and Australians.  The film crew of four and two models were in Tonga from the 4th &…

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January 17, 2013  |   Share:

NZ Tonga Business Council ‘Fetapa’ News Update

We’re now heading into the Christmas season and for many businesses we’re preparing for the festive holiday, having staff Christmas functions; some have even started planning for the New Year.  It’s been a good year and we d…

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December 12, 2012  |   Share:

Fins ‘n’ Flukes won at Australasia Shootout competition 2012

Brian Heagney of Fins n Flukes won second prize in the “Big Stuff” category of the annual Underwater Festival Australasia Shootout competition 2012.  His winning picture of three humpback whales titled Gridlock, featured a mother Humpbac…

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Heilala Vanilla won at Food Magazine Award

Heilala Vanilla Syrup scooped up the first prize for the Best Confectionary prize during the 8th annual Food Magazine Award 2012 ceremony held in Australia.According to the Heilala Vanilla they had scooped up several awards in New Zealand and they ar…

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August 16, 2012  |   Share:

Swimming with the Whales – Matafonua, Ha’apai

WATCH this incredible WHALE SWIMMING VIDEO by Matafonua. See other incredible diving and whale videos on addition to whale watching/swimming trips, Matafonua offers PADI SCUBA DIVING all year round. Just metres from your Fale, y…

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National Day for Tonga at the Yeosu 2012 Expo A Success

Tonga’s celebration of its Expo 2012 Yeosu National Day at the international Exhibition Expo drew attention of the Expo crowd on Monday August 6. To celebrate this important event, Tonga’s Minister for Commerce, Tourism and Labour Dr. the…

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August 8, 2012  |   Share:

First Shepherd of the Sea Award goes to Tonga’s Prime Minister

Tonga’s Prime Minister Lord Tu’ivakano is the first recipient of the Shepherd of the Sea Award in recognition of the government’s leadership in keeping Tonga as a whale sanctuary. The new award comes from a US based anti-whaling group the Sea Sheph…

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