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Tonga welcomes Sea Princess highlights the ‘True’ Tongan hospitality

Tourism is regarded the ‘sector of hope’ for Tonga’s economy. With Tonga being the only island destination in the South Pacific with a dedicated wharf for cruise ships, Tonga is headed in the right direction with its cruise market. The arrival of …

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September 12, 2013  |   Share:

Tonga’s tourism still strong despite negative NZ travel advise.

Tonga Tourism remains strong amidst the NZ negative travel advice and speculations over safety issues these past months. In an interview between Radio New Zealand and the House of Travel, a key wholesaler in the sector, bookings to Tonga remain stron…

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Tonga’s Tourism Respectable around the World

The latest figures from official sources reported inbound tourists into Tonga for July 2013 to continue positive annual growth despite unreliable travel advise by the New Zealand authorities. Tonga as a tourism destination is a country of peace with…

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Response to Peter Clark article published in Travelmemo 5 July 2013

The article by Peter Clark in Travelmemo 5 July 2013 titled “Concern over Tonga’s new plane” is poorly researched, factually inaccurate and therefore misleading. As the article is very damaging to Tonga’s tourism industry, the Government of Tonga su…

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July 8, 2013  |   Share:

Additional Seat Capacity for the Domestic Air Services

REALtonga is pleased to announce that they will be putting additional seat capacity into the Tongan domestic air services effective from Monday 10th June 2013. The airline will be using its current Y12 aircraft to provide an additional service eac…

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June 11, 2013  |   Share:

Tonga’s Liku’alofa Resort earns TripAdvisor Award

International social media travel website TripAdvisor has awarded Tonga’s Liku’alofa Resort a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ for consistently achieving exceptional ratings from travellers over 2012. In notifying Liku’alofa’s owners of the Award, Trip…

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June 6, 2013  |   Share:

Family of Nine Embarks on South Pacific Sailing Adventure

Cheap Tickets and Far and Away owners Normand and Kirsten Schafer aren’t ones to stay at the office listening to customers experiences in far-off places.  Over the years they have done their own share of trave…

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April 17, 2013  |   Share:

Tonga. Best Discovered on a Two-Wheeler.

Online blogger Mr. Gunnar Garfors shares with us his experience in Tonga. ” How to see a fair amount of a country if you only have a day? If the country is Tonga, renting a scooter will do the trick. That is if you are happy seeing only Tongatapu,…

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April 2, 2013  |   Share:

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