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Whale Watching and Swimming Licenses for 2013

The Government through the Minister for Commerce, Tourism & Labour is pleased to announce that the Whale Watching and Swimming season for 2013 has commenced. The Minister considers it crucial to remind the industry and the general public that a…

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August 9, 2013  |   Share:

First Humpback Whale of 2013 spotted in Tonga

The annual Humpback migration to Tonga’s warm-water breeding grounds has started with the spotting of the first whale off ‘Eua Island in Tonga on Monday this week. Nuku’alofa-based Deep-Blue Diving and whale-swim operator owner Sam Tatafu said it …

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June 12, 2013  |   Share:

The South Pacific Paradise Begins 20 Years of Eco-Tourists Swimming with Whales

The Kingdom of Tonga is 1 of just 3 global locations where visitors can swim with humpback whales. June 2013 marks the return of these sea giants, and the 20th year the Kingdom of Tonga has offered this unique opportunity. Unlike whale watching, s…

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April 5, 2013  |   Share:

Fins ‘n’ Flukes won at Australasia Shootout competition 2012

Brian Heagney of Fins n Flukes won second prize in the “Big Stuff” category of the annual Underwater Festival Australasia Shootout competition 2012.  His winning picture of three humpback whales titled Gridlock, featured a mother Humpbac…

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November 12, 2012  |   Share:

First Shepherd of the Sea Award goes to Tonga’s Prime Minister

Tonga’s Prime Minister Lord Tu’ivakano is the first recipient of the Shepherd of the Sea Award in recognition of the government’s leadership in keeping Tonga as a whale sanctuary. The new award comes from a US based anti-whaling group the Sea Sheph…

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August 2, 2012  |   Share:

Good start for the 2012 Fishing Season

The 2012 fishing season got off to a good start with the Hakula team on Monday 23.  Skipper Jeff Le’Strange went out on a half day fishing trip with his grand-daughter where she caught a 48kg yellow fin.According to Jeff, ‘this is a good start f…

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January 24, 2012  |   Share:

Tonga’s Humpback Whales on UK’s Dive Magazine

Douglas David Seifert gets close with the Humpback Whales in the Kingdom of Tonga.  According to Douglas, ‘An encounter with a humpback whale can be a mesmerising experience.   His article appears on UK’s Dive Magazine, one of the lead…

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November 3, 2011  |   Share:

Kingdom of the Humpbacks

Travel writer Rachel Pinder from the New Zealand Press Association visited the Kingdom of Tonga in August.  While in Tonga she visited ‘Eua, Ha’apai and Vava’u where she experienced diving, snorkeling, whale watching and other …

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October 5, 2011  |   Share: