Tonga Mark

Star Grading Standards

The grading standards are:

  • Applied For: This grading applies to businesses which are in transition in year one of Tonga Mark. The operations have been inspected and either have significant upgrades underway, or are changing categories. Star gradings will be published after their second assessment at the end of 2012.
  • One Star: These properties appeal to budget minded travellers. They provide no-frills accommodation that is clean and basic. They have a limited range of facilities, often shared and generally only a breakfast service is available.
  • Two Star: These properties appeal to guests seeking more than basic accommodation. They offer expanded facilities and a higher level of comfort. Most establishments are still at a moderate price and provide good value.
  • Three Star: A very good standard of accommodation. These properties provide more spacious and well designed areas, higher quality facilities and a greater range of services are available. High standards of food and beverage service can be expected.
  • Four Star: These properties are upscale in all areas. Accommodation is refined and stylish. Service is responsive, often including an extensive range of facilities. There is excellent attention to detail and generous hospitality.
  • Five Star: These properties are world class in every detail and the meticulous service exceeds all guest expectations.


Look for the Stars

Every accommodation business in Tonga is required to display their current grading certificate at reception. The Tonga Visitors Bureau displays all grades on our website and in our official visitor guide as part of our accommodation listings.

Accommodation businesses can display their star rating on their website by using the Tonga Mark website logo.


Styles of Accommodation

Star grading standards were developed for the different categories and styles of accommodation found in Tonga. There are currently four main styles of accommodation: Hotels, Resorts, Apartments and Guest Houses.

  • Hotel
    Accommodation facilities providing full service accommodation, with all rooms generally offering private facilities. Often spacious foyer with restaurant and bar facilities on site, including breakfast, lunch and dinner options available. 24 hour reception and some form of room service and housekeeping are available. Additional facilities such as a business centre or meeting rooms are expected and services such as organising tours should also be offered.
  • Motel/Apartment
    Accommodation business offering self-contained units that contain access to kitchen and laundry facilities. A number of bedrooms may share one bathroom in the unit. Some restaurant options may be available although this is not generally expected.
  • Resort
    Accommodation facilities located in natural surroundings providing full service accommodation. Generally rooms will have private facilities, although not always. Food and beverage services are available, often with a meal plan for guests.  Additional recreation facilities are expected and services such as organising tours should also be offered.
  • Guest House/Backpacker/Bungalows/Fales
    Accommodation facilities with a range of individual/ shared and dormitory options. Shared facilities are common, although some rooms may have private facilities.  Access to kitchen, dining and laundry facilities, which are also shared with others. Guests are generally responsible for their own catering, although breakfast and occasionally dinner may be included.

The criteria in each category are similar but do reflect the unique difference for that style of accommodation and therefore the expectations of visitors to that accommodation business.