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There’s no better way to immerse yourself in Tonga’s compelling mix of spectacular landscapes, pristine rainforests and azure waters than by taking full advantage of the Kingdom’s energetic menu of activities. And, as you’ll see, it really is a great destination for thrill seekers.

With a maritime heritage stretching back to the ocean-spanning double-hulled kalia canoes of the ancient mariners, sailing represents a strong part of Tonga’s way of life. And sea-faring voyages, whether they’re a crewed vessel or a self-charter, provide the ultimate mobile accommodation for the adventurous.

Kayaking is another Tongan staple, and the perfect way to access some of Tonga’s more hard-to-reach, remote beaches. Especially popular around the Ha’apai and Vava’u island groups, kayaking also presents a unique opportunity to get really up close and personal with Tonga’s amazing sea life, including dolphins, sea turtles and, of course, majestic humpback whales.

From manta rays, tuna and marlin to wahoo and whale sharks, Tonga also presents underwater thrills on a grand scale. With unpolluted waters and crystalline visibility up to 30 metres, the diving and snorkelling experiences on offer here must be seen to be believed.

Tonga’s also positioned for great surf. The year features two very distinct seasons: the Summer North Swell (November to March) and the Winter South Swell (April to October). During that time, intermediate to advanced surfers who want to tackle the 2-3 metre swells and off-shore reef breaks will enjoy truly world-class – albeit slightly demanding – conditions.

The Kingdom of Tonga is widely regarded as a ‘fisherman’s Kingdom’ too and has the largest game fishing fleet in the South Pacific. So, there really is no better place to set off on an expedition. Your chances of catching the mighty Blue Marlin, for example, are greater in the Kingdom of Tonga than almost anywhere else in the world.

Adrenalin junkies should also note that the Vava’u group is emerging as a real adventure hub. Amongst its sheltered waters and untouched islands professional operators give you the chance to let loose on self-drive jet kayaks, karts, and kite boards that deliver exciting, exhilarating and ultimately exhausting experiences.

Finally after a day of fishing, kayaking, diving or surfing, you’ll have earned some downtime in a hammock – another quintessential Tongan activity.

What people say

“What I loved about Tonga is the really authentic, unspoilt and genuine feel about everything, it really makes you feel like you are experiencing a real taste of Polynesian island life. Seeing local women in their yards weaving baskets and making tapa next door to your guesthouse and having an entire island to yourself without the huge price tag… only in Tonga!” – Katie Dunn, Perth, Australia.