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With over 170 islands, only 40 inhabited, Tonga is untouched and largely undiscovered. That means it’s a holiday destination where you can still encounter a world as nature intended.

Un-spoilt by big resort complexes and modern development, Tonga remains as close to authentic Polynesia as you’ll find. In fact, with its sheltered beauty and cultural authenticity, the Kingdom of Tonga is often described as the ‘jewel in the pacific’.

Take a trip through the Tongan archipelago’s plentiful natural beauty – from the breathtaking cliffs and verdant rainforests of ‘Eua to the protected pacific blue waterways of Vava’u – and it’s not hard to see why.

When travelling throughout the islands, you’ll experience a gorgeous variety of different scenery, as dramatic volcanic landscapes combine with tropical rainforests and pristine tropical atolls, while coral reefs and virgin rainforests all host a magnificent array of flora and fauna.

Ultimately, if you’re going on a trip to Tonga, you’re in for a ‘true’ South Pacific experience. And along the way, you might just be lucky enough to get in touch with the true you, too.

What people say

“What I loved about Tonga is the really authentic, unspoilt and genuine feel about everything, it really makes you feel like you are experiencing a real taste of Polynesian island life. Seeing local women in their yards weaving baskets and making tapa next door to your guesthouse and having an entire island to yourself without the huge price tag… only in Tonga!” – Katie Dunn, Perth, Australia.