True family fun


If you’re looking for a pacific playground, you’ll find it among the stunning islands of Tonga, with plenty of activities to help the kids blow off steam while still keeping parents engaged in some serious fun.

Swimming and snorkelling among the Kingdom of Tonga’s clear tropical waters is one big year-round adventure. Among pristine coral gardens you’ll find sea stars, tropical fish, rays, turtles and more. And for older kids, there can be no greater thrill than getting the chance to swim with magnificent humpback whales, or at least watch the beautiful displays of these gentle marine giants from the safety of the boat.

Guided sea kayaking expeditions are another great way to explore the coastlines and, who knows, the family might even be lucky enough to encounter a friendly dolphin or two along the way.

Another fantastic experience for families to take advantage of amongst the marine wonderlands of Tonga is to take a fishing expedition. Guided trips around the islands of Tongatapu and the central Ha’apai group are a daily occurrence, with professional fishing charters utilising aggregating devices to ensure every trip includes its fair share of thrilling encounters with Tonga’s abundant sea-life.

Some of Polynesia’s finest treks can also be found around Tonga’s archipelego, particularly among the beautiful national parks on the islands of ‘Eua and the northern Vava’u group. Adventurous trips combine trekking, kayaking and camping in many instances, with friendly local guides joining visitors in exploring untouched atolls and remote volcanoes.

Guided tours are also a great way to experience the history, ecology, culture and food of the Kingdom of Tonga, under the watchful eye of gentle and friendly guides. From hiking through authentic villages to hill treks to experience spectacular lookouts, garden tours through to local landmarks like the ‘a Maui trilithon, this is an exciting and invaluable way to experience Tonga’s rich beauty, culture and history.

So if you’re looking for the perfect place to get away from it all, why not come to the place that has it all? Rest assured, when you’re amongst Tonga’s varied and stimulating locations you’ll find numerous ways to keep everyone happy.

What people say

“What I loved about Tonga is the really authentic, unspoilt and genuine feel about everything, it really makes you feel like you are experiencing a real taste of Polynesian island life. Seeing local women in their yards weaving baskets and making tapa next door to your guesthouse and having an entire island to yourself without the huge price tag… only in Tonga!” – Katie Dunn, Perth, Australia.